You made the effort, you might as well photograph it...

I'm a firm believer in taking photos even if you're not going to get "the shot". You made it the effort to fly, drive, hike, bike, or whatever to a location you might as well photograph it. Take the photo below, for example, I was in Moab back in November and had always wanted to visit Fisher Towers, and I did on this trip with a friend. I had wanted to photograph the constellation Orion over the towers, but by the time that would have been possible, the moon would have risen washing out a good majority of the sky. As my friend, and I headed back to the car I stopped and took my gear out and said: "I'm here, I might as well photograph it". 

Fast forward to when I got home from the trip and started playing with the files, I stitched this panorama together and said, "nope, I don't like this at all", and didn't look at it again until about a week ago, (3ish months since photographing it). For some unknown reason, I decided to stitch this thing together and try to process it to give it another chance, and I was shocked at how much I didn't hate it like before. I left it alone for another few days, and I actually started to like it so I let it sit another couple days and went back, and to my surprise, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this (if anyone actually reads these) or seeing the photo).

Basically, I'm trying to encourage you to just take the damn photo, you may be pleasantly surprised, just because it's not the end all be all photo you saw in your head doesn't mean that you won't get anything. All I'm saying is, you made the effort to get up super early, you're out super late, or however you got on location, you owe it to yourself to at least try.

Panorama details,

A panorama consisting of 3 row of 7 frames each plus a zenith (straight up) using a Nodal Ninja 6 panoramic head. 

Photo details,

Shot with a full spectrum Canon 6D, and a Rokinon 24mm F/1.4

F/2 (probably), 10-second exposures, ISO 8000

Winter Skies Over Fisher Towers