The last couple of weeks have been a little busy and haven't left much time for working on photos. From spending 10 amazing days in northern Minnesota, and Wisconsin to coming home and immediately heading to Storm Lake for a family reunion. It's been a nice break, but now it's time to catch up on some image processing.

I shot this image on the morning we were heading home from Wisconsin. We barely made it 5 minutes on the road when we ran into this heavy band of fog and had to pull over. After I shot a handful of images I took a moment to myself to soak it all in before heading back to reality. It was so incredibly still it felt like the world was on pause and I was the only one moving through it. I later found out from my sister who left after us that if we had left 30 minutes later there would have been no fog, therefore, this image would not exist. I'm grateful for the peaceful moment I experienced that morning and I'm glad I can share a piece of it with you