Aguereberry Point Panorama

Another Milky Way pano from my trip to Death Valley earlier this year. This was on out last morning of the trip and we ventured up to Aguereberry Point after a scouting a few different locations during the day. Aguereberry Point sits right around 6500ft and this morning it was absolutely freezing. When we started at sea level it was already a chilly 50 something and by the time we reached this point it had easily dropped over 20 degrees and the wind was fierce. I had multiple layers on but only managed to make this one pano before I was too cold and the group decided we wanted to move on. 

Just a few small details about this, the freezing cold masked man on the left is my friend Ben Coffman (do yourself a favor and check out his work). I decided to leave him in there as a good representation of the cold experience as well as the scale he provided to the image. Also, the bright object on the upper right is Jupiter, and the almost nuclear light coming from center frame is the moon rising mixed with light pollution from Las Vegas, and of course some pretty defined  redish airglow to the left.