The Spring Tease

Late afternoon thunderstorms rolled through the area on Friday the 13th creating some incredible light, and extremely dramatic clouds. The storm was moving pretty dang fast and I had managed to stay ahead of it up until this photo. Since I've photographed this old structure before, I knew where it was making it easier to find a composition and await the approaching storm as opposed to normal method of scrambling around back roads trying to find something interesting. Moments after taking this photo the storm had arrived and began to unleash its fury. Heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning came all at once forcing me to high tail it back to my vehicle to take shelter. I felt like I got the image I wanted from this location so after returning to my Jeep, I decided to move on and search for new compositions. While I was successful at finding a few other compositions, I do not know yet if they will be worthy of publishing.


PS: 24 hours later we had freezing rain that turned into snow, and sub-freezing temps...


A stormy afternoon in rural Pottawattamie County

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